Adventure // Local Tacos. Best Tacos.

Hand it over – no napkins. You’ll want to be licking your fingers for this one.

What do you think of when you think of tacos? Cheese? Tortillas? Spicy Korean BBQ? That’s what I think of.

Here in Rockbridge, we have a great little popup called “LexMex Tacos” – no storefront, no regular hours, and no boundaries on flavor. Foots and I follow them around on their Facebook, showing up like band groupies on every pop-up they feature, and let me tell you why: local ingredients, fresh ideas, and taste that just won’t quit. 

The other week, LexMex had a popup at Great Valley Farm Brewery, a local joint on the side of a mountain, and they had two things on the menu: 1) Korean style slow roasted pork carnitas tacos with white onion, cilantro, lime and 2) Fresh fried tortilla chips – LexMex Style – with radish, scallion, cilantro, pickled carrots & chilies, kimchi queso and spicy gochuchang chicken.

So every 3rd Saturday, Foots and I pack up the rover and head on out to Great Valley Farm, park on the side of the mountain, and enjoy us some fine food and company – usually also featuring live music, weather allowing.

Get. In. My. Belly.

These are the chips. Yes, these. The slices of tortilla are fried right there on loc, and the kimchi queso is still bubling hot when its ladled in generous, yet precious quantities over the chips. Sprinkle all the fixin’s and hand it over – no napkins. You’ll want to be licking your fingers for this one. 

Each bite is its own exploration. With each chip you get a different layer. Sometimes you get a carrot. sometimes you get a radish. Other times it’s just a mouthful of sweet queso – and those bites are the best. Whatever you get on your chip, it’s never a disappointment. 

Seriously. We didn’t get any napkins. We licked our fingers clean.


The tacos don’t quit either. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s a lot of lettuce, Gubs.” Lemme tell you, you need it. But not for why you might think.

It’s a texture thing. That lettuce is crispy, fresh, crunchy. The Korean carnitas are as tender as butter. You’ll get no resistance from them – or from the fresh flour tortilla. You just bit on through to the other side. The lettuce is like your little friend – your slice of resistance – to make sure you don’t eat too quickly.

Now let’s talk sauce. That red sauce on the side there? That sauce is the boss. That’s a spicy, sweet, savory, succulent marinade that really makes the whole taco POP. It’s got great flavor – and even better “tie-in-ability” (a technical term). Half Korean BBQ, Half spicy taco magic – it makes the whole bite come together in the best way.

And the whole thing on the side of a mountain – with a view that could take your breath away. If you weren’t too out of breath from wolfing down tacos.


And that’s why I have to give a spot on my Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate list to LexMex for Tacos! Congrats, LexMex!

Know a place that does good food? Want to de-throne the king? Let me know in the Contact Tab!


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