The Best Thing I’ve Ever Ate 

A running list of my absolute favorite foods and where I get them! The names of the foods are linked to pictures – and the restaurant links are where to get them!

dis photoBibimbap // Salmon Hot Stone Pot @ It’s Tofu in Cottonwood Heights, UT.

I love rice. I love things on rice. I especially love fish on rice. I especially love fish on rice when the fish is salmon, when it comes with fresh steamed veggies, and it also has those beautiful crusty bits of cooked rice that can only be made hot stone pot style.

Crab Cakes // The Crab Cake Dinner @ One Eyed Mike’s in Baltimore, MD.

I come from New England – so I am no stranger to crab cake. In fact, I was weaned on them as a child. So when I give the crab cake throne to Maryland it is no small victory. One Eyed Mike’s is a cute little “pirate bar” mixed with a fancy captain’s restaurant that we stopped in for a romantic Valentine’s dinner. These crab cakes were 98% crab meat (which has to be some kind of record somewhere, right)? They are plump. They are juicy. They are served with the softest of mashed potatoes. They are drizzled in remoulade. They are the most beautiful cakes you’ve ever set eyes on. YES, INCLUDING DESSERT CAKES. 

Ethiopian Food //  The Bati Meat Combo @ Bati Restaurant and Lounge in Falls Church, VA.

Okay. I’ll be honest. This is the first Ethiopian food I’ve ever had, but it set the bar high. These guys make everything in house – from marinating the tibs to baking their own injera – and it shows. The Bati Meat Combo has their best stuff on the menu. I’m an especial fan off the Key Wat. 

Hummus //  Hummus Spicy @ Jerusalem Restaurant & Catering in Falls Church, VA.

I love hummus. I love hummus and falafel and if a restaurant serves them, I eat them. We found this restaurant by accident – but entirely by the universe. This hummus is smooth and BURSTING with flavor. The spice makes it easy to dip into the hummus and decide your level of heat. It is served with the softest, softest pillow-like bread I have ever eaten. If you don’t pay extra for fresh-made falafel on top of this, you’re wrong. Do it.

Ice Cream // Matcha Bingsoo @ Shilla Bakery in Fairfax, VA.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Bingsoo. Bingsoo is Korean Shaved Ice that my Korean friend introduced me too. This is literally chunks of very fine, snow like ice – smothered in green tea syrup. But underneath that mountain of cream is the real treat: bits of chopped mochi, sweet red bean paste, everything your heart desires. To this day, I dream about Bingsoo. 

Indian Food // Shrimp Tikka Masala @ IndAroma Indian Cafe & Catering in Alexandria, VA.

“Shrimp with bell peppers and onions in a tomato & onion gravy.” Did you know that those simple words could spell out “heaven”? This Shrimp Tikka (I get the “spicy” not the “mild”) is the perfect blend of heat and flavor. Not too much to burn your tongue out, but still enough to leave your lips tingling! Served with the best mango chutney I’ve ever had – and the best naan bread I’ve ever had – this meal is the thing of dreams.

Pie //
Pecan Pie @ Woodruff’s Cafe and Pie Shop in Monroe, VA.

We took a bit of a road trip here because I read in an online article that they have the best apple pie in America. Now, call me sacrilegious, but I don’t really like apple pie. But we had the pecan pie and – by God – we found the BEST PIE IN AMERICA. Perfect amount of sweetness. Great crunch. Absolutely phenomenal. 

Pizza //  The Veloce @ Veloce in Washington, DC.

Simple. Pure. Beautiful. 3 ingredients in heaven. House marinara sauce. Fresh mozzarella. Crispy, thin white crust. Cover that baby in oregano, garlic salt, and red pepper flakes and you’ve got the be-all, end-all of pizza. 

Po’ Boy // Boom Boom Shrimp Sandwich @ The Federal House & Restaurant in Annapolis, MD.

I am a Northern girl. Which means when I get my hands on a seafood sandwich – especially a po’boy – watch out. Clear the block because I’m going to demolish that thing. The Boom Boom is a perfect melt of spicy chipotle aioli, sweet beer battered shrimp, crunchy lettuce, and a soft, toasted bun. It’s everything that every po’boy should be.

17596589_371067986626131_8259265055585992704_nSalmon // Skin-on Salmon Fillet @ 2941 Restaurant in Merrifield, VA.

I love salmon. It was something I discovered as an adult and now – if its on a menu – I get it. But I never knew the potential of salmon until today. The fish was served medium – still juicy and flavorful and fresh. But the skin was as crisp as a potato chip. Serve it up in a bed of leek puree and zucchini and topped with newspaper-thin shaved heirloom carrots. It is an absolute pure heaven in a slice of fish.

Soup // Potato Leek Soup @ HAMILTONS’ in Charlottesville, VA.

This was a soup of the day on a random date night and – by God – was it the SOUP of the DAY! Creamy potato, creamy cream, and yummy yummy with that slight onion-y taste of leeks.

Instant Noodles // Samyang Sutah Ramen Noodle Soup Hot & Spicy Flavor in the comfort of your own home.

Now I’m not a huge connoisseur of dried ramen, but I do like me some spicy noodles. This is just about the best a girl can get when it comes to pre-packaged, 4 minute flavor. Also, it happens to be what my blog is named after so you KNOW it’s good.

Sushi // California Roll @ Itamae Sushi Akasaka in Akasaka, Japan.

Okay, so not your average trip to Thursday Sushi, but this is good stuff. Stopped by here for dinner with a coworker one night and ordered this MASSIVE cali roll. Bigger than my head – and tastier too. A California roll isn’t really a traditional Japanese roll, so this is kind of a play on a play… on a roll

Sushi Burrito // Shrimp Lover @ Sushi Burrito in Salt Lake City, UT.

SUSHI AND SUSHI BURRITO ARE TWO DIFFERENT THINGS YOU KNOW. But this place’s sushi burrito has inspired us to one day open our own sushi restaurant. 

Tacos // Korean BBQ Carnitas Tacos @ Sushi Burrito in Lexington, VA.

I love a good taco – but I am IN LOVE with great tacos. These Korean BBQ Tacos are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy, crisp and soft, street food and sophisticated pop-up. I will follow these guys everywhere.

Tuna Salad // Tuna Salad Sandwich @ Aioli in West Palm Beach, FL.

I love tuna salad. The sweet with the salty. The crunch with the creamy. I make it for myself all the time – but I always appreciate people who can do it better than me. Aioli’s Tuna Salad is made with all local ingredients and is served on fresh, House Made Seven Grain Bread. Now if the words “House Made” don’t make your mouth water – nothing will.